I must admit that my first experience of special clothing for worship were the cassock and surplice the Rector of the parish church I went to as a teenager wore and the purple gowns and hats that my mother, sister and I used wear as members of the choir. Things have moved on a bit since those days. One thing I remember about that hat is that it
was hard to keep in place when walking in procession never mind moving about any more vigorously. Another thing was that we were discouraged from wearing trousers under our gowns. These days I would encourage those moving around a lot to wear trousers under their skirts or dresses so that they retain their modesty.

Most of the time we think that it is the dance team or the flag team or anyone else doing specials at the front who need to be concerned about what they are wearing. However, everyone who takes an active part in the worship needs to think carefully about what they are going to wear so that everything is done decently and in good order. There are some things about David that we might not be so keen on copying, one of these things was that he danced until his clothes fell off, well they were more like pieces of cloth wrapped around him than the shaped sewn garments we are familiar with today.

The idea of wearing something special is to set yourself apart for a special task. These special things need to be treated with respect. This includes being stored carefully on hangers and in special wrappings if appropriate. It also means keeping any room used for changing neat and tidy. There is something special about clothes reserved for worship and therefore they need to be treated with respect.