What to wear

Some Christians say that a women should not wear anything that is like what a man would wear. This means no trousers, no male coloured or styled T shirts or sweat shirts, even footwear. Others have looked at the Bible and come to the conclusion that they should not wear anything tight between their legs so wear specially styled loose
underwear. The same ladies would probably wear ankle or near ankle length skirts and always wear a head covering as well. However, these ladies seem to be in the minority.

Sometimes we want to reflect a particular image by what we wear. One useful image in a church is a soldier. A dance group in soldier’s outfits can be a very effective way of expressing the idea that Christians are part of the army of the Lord. Another useful image is the purity of the Bride, often portrayed by wearing white skirts and blouses.

Some dance groups have a basic outfit of loose fitting top and wide gathered skirt and add coloured waistbands or tabards, to suit the circumstances. The revival of the idea of using shiny vibrant colours has brightened up the embellishments to the basic costumes. These embellishments include, headbands, cuffs, cumberbands, waistcoats and tabards. Another basic garment that allows a lot of movement are harem style trousers. They are loose fitting and often elasticated top and bottom. Some people have dresses in their dance wardrobe but these are not as versatile as a series of separates.

An examination of scripture shows that people were prepared to spend money and get the best of clothing in order to go to worship sessions. The idea, that as royalty in the Kingdom of God, we should dress appropriately. If we enjoy colours and looking good, then surely we should dress up for God so that he can enjoy looking at us when we
come into his presence. In addition, there are biblical references to garments of praise, that is wearing special clothes to praise God.

What to have on your feet depends on the circumstances. There are two main schools of thought, one is this is a holy act so you should take your shoes off, and the other is you should put special shoes on, such as soft ballet shoes. However, the choice may be made for you depending on the floor. Sometimes you need to have something on your feet as stocking feet slip on that type of floor surface so creating a safety hazard. Other floors can be so cold or so uneven that again it is unsafe to go barefoot.