Why are tambourines included here?

tambourineTambourines are experienced using two senses i.e. vision and hearing. The worship tools that are considered here things that create a visual experience and tambourines do just that, so they are included here. As well as making a noise, tambourines can be decorated in two different ways. Firstly, by attaching ribbons to them in a similar way that the Salvation Army have done for many years.  Secondly, the skin or covering can be decorated, some people even offer special coverings to add to tambourines bought elsewhere.

In terms of attaching ribbons, the same ideas of using ribbons of a variety of colours to represent a variety of different things apply here as elsewhere. In terms of changing the colours of the skin, it is possible to buy tambourines that have shiny patterned covers or even images on them such as a dove. Tambourines have also been produced in a variety of different shapes, such as a star similar to the one on the Israeli flag, or a half moon or even a fish. The frames come in a variety of colours, from plain light wood, through brightly coloured plastic to dark painted wood.

A tambourine display using ribbons can use a variety of movements and can include turns and stretches that may be choreographed so the players stay largely on one spot. The idea is to move the tambourine in such a way that the ribbons are shown to their best advantage. This was one of the specialities of the Salvation Army and these skills have not been totally lost. Alternatively, some dancers use tambourines as part of energetic displays.

Like everything else you buy, you need to shop around. Some sound better than others, others look better than others and some can have ribbons attached more easily. Sometimes larger music shops have a number of tambourines to choose from which you can test for sound quality, appearance and how easy they are to handle.

Interesting links

Joy Shoppe Joy Shoppe is an American supplier of worship tools including tambourines with various images on the skins. They had the widest choice of items I found on the Internet.
To make ribbons This page is one of a number of sets of instructions given on a dance site on how to make worship tools.