What is a praise ring?

completed praise ringBasically a praise ring is a circular object that is usually 6 to 9 inches in diameter. It is similar to a tambourine in that it has a cover or skin across the circle, but normally they are not as deep. They generally have ribbons or streamers
around the outside edge so that they can create a stunning visual effect.


What is it used for?

Most of the time we think of praise rings just being used as general worshipping tools. However, some people see them as falling into two distinct types, serving two distinct purposes. In other words, some of them are supposed to be used as offensive weapons and some as defensive weapons. As offensive weapons, they are used as representations of God’s mighty arm bringing judgement. As defensive weapons, they are seen as shields and representing the glory of God that surrounds us and prevents anything from harming us.

Most of the time, praise rings can be seen as a representation of God’s glory. They are beautiful objects in their own right. Interestingly, some of these adornments were used at wedding celebrations as well as religious ones, which is an interesting thought, as we are supposed to be practising to attend a wedding feast.