Using a praise ring

Some people use praise rings one at a time and some prefer to use matched pairs. They are held lightly between the thumb and the fingers waving them through the air. If you lead with the back of the hand, you are less likely to get the streams tangled around the hoop. Head high or overhead movements tend to look the best. If you are using two at once you can wave them above your head simultaneously. You can also create a crossover effect by waving but with your hands starting at opposite sides. Moving them in a circle crates an interesting effect and of course there are various variations of this if you are using two at once.

Glorious Creations
You Tube video on using praise rings
When I first created this site there was no such thing as You Tube. There were links to the Glorious Creations web site. They now have a You Tube channel that shows you how to use the things that they sell. Some good ideas here.

Storing praise rings

The best way of looking after the ribbons or streams is to hang up the praise ring. If this is not possible, the streamers will have to be folded carefully to reduce the possibility of damage. Some people use special bags that fit the praise ring and leave just a fraction of the top edge showing so that it can be hung up and also so you can tell which praise ring is under the cover.