Other names used for praise rings

One of the problems with worship tools is that although we may try and classify things and call them names, there seems to be times when one type of tool merges into another. There are other times when two groups call what look like very similar items, different names. The name praise ring here has been used mainly because that was the first name I heard used. Another name people have used for the same thing is glory hoop. Others call them tabrets because they see them as one of the items used for praise and worship in the Old Testament.

Glory ring

These are rings of a similar size to a praise ring which have ribbons tied onto them. They are a cross between a way of using ribbons and a praise ring.

These are similar to the glory ring in that they are decorated rings. The streamers are added in a similar way to those on a praise ring and the ring itself is decorated. Some people call these praise hoops.

Worship banner

This is really an oversized praise ring. Praise rings are generally 6 to 9 inches in diameter. This worship banner is 16 inch diameter hoop. It might look like a praise ring, but it is a lot bigger and it is designed to hang on the wall like a banner.

Musical praise ring

prototype musical praise ring The shows a prototype musical version of a praise ring. It is musical because it has ten small bells included in the central cover. Adding small bells to crochet is no more complicated than adding beads. The bells were all threaded onto the red
yard before the centre section was started and moved up into the right place as the work progressed. The handle was made by adding a piece of thin wire as used by florists and then crocheting over it.

This praise ring started life as type of embroidery hoop that was fashionable for a while, but is no longer available. The embroidery hoop itself has a white plastic inner ring and a red plastic outer ring that was described as having a barley twist effect. Silver coloured crochet thread has been wrapped around the outer plastic ring so that it sits comfortably in the dip of the twist. The crochet section was glued onto the inner ring and the decorated outer ring replaced.

This prototype looks good but does not make a great deal of noise. To make more noise it would be necessary to use larger and heavier bells. This would mean that the bells would need to be sewn on as well as crocheted in to make sure that they stayed secure and the cover was not spoilt.