Meaning of colours

These colours can be used for any of the worship tools that are described on this site. Sometimes colours are combined together to create additional affects. There are lots of variations on this theme. However, one of the most common is red orange and yellow or even just red and yellow because these are the colours of flames and as such they can represent the refining fire of the Holy Spirit.

The links take you to some lists of colours that include other colours and some variation of the meanings. The last one includes a list of possible combinations and their meanings.


A call to worship One page on the meaning of colours.
Colors of praise A page giving the symbolism of some individual colours
as well as some combinations of colours.
Joy Shoppe Colours of the Bible – yet another list of variations (when I last checked this it said the site was down for maintenance)
Clara’s site  This site is not as easy to link to as many but if you look at the side you will see a sort of menu that includes a page about what colours represent.