Respecting leadership

Firstly, we need to be respectful to God himself. These tools are used to express love to Him. They are not part of a performance or a way of competing with another human being, they are an expression of love to our Heavenly Father.

Secondly, we need to be respectful to those who are responsible for leading the fellowship or leading a meeting. Introducing new ideas needs to be handled carefully. You may have gone somewhere, done a training session on using something or even just read some of the pages on this web site and thought I want to do that in my church. Before you do, make sure that the leadership agree with you that is a good idea.

Some leaders positively encourage such things, others are a bit more wary or are aware that other members of the fellowship may object and cause problems. If your church leader is not in agreement then you need to respect their opinion and wait until the time is right. Remember, these things are a move of God’s Spirit and not everyone is willing to allow the changes that He wants to bring. That does not mean that we should reject people, but that we should be praying for them.

Another role of the pastor is to see that things are done decently and in order. They may direct worshippers who need a bit more space than the rest to a particular area of the church. This might be at the front or the back or the side. Another part of this is to get the designs you are using checked by the pastor. Just occasionally, the designs that people come up with are not quite what they seem and a wise pastor should be able to offer guidance about what symbols to avoid using. Again, once an item has been made it is a courtesy to show the pastor the finished result. Just occasionally, something might not be of an adequate standard and the pastor may lovingly have to guide you away from using it until it has been improved.

Thirdly, we need to respect the mood of the Holy Spirit in a meeting. Sometimes, it is a time of warfare with marching and flags flashing through the air. Other times, worship may become a time of gentle intimacy. The right tool used at the right time will add to the effect the Holy Spirit is trying to create for God’s children, the wrong one used in the wrong way may grieve the Holy Spirit.