God’s Lily

God’s Lily? In my very first attempt at writing down what God told me (aka prayer journaling) we were given the first few words that included my child but then I wrote down my lily. It appeared as though God wanted to call me His lily. It sort of made sense as Susan means lily so it was my name and yet it was not my name if you see what I mean.

Since then I have started a website called God’s Lily. It has a strange tagline

the voice of those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in such a way that they are strengthened rather than weakened further

I knew I needed something and after failing to come up with anything myself I did what I should have done in the first place i.e. pray about it. I definitely would not have put it that way but once I thought about it on that set of words fitted like a glove.

You can go straight to the God’s Lily site by clicking this link.

God’s Lily Training

In addition to the God’sLily main site. There is God’s Lily Training. Well, there is no point saying you are frustrated without giving people a chance to relieve that frustration. The aim of God’s Lily Training is to help build a fair society and build strong people who can work towards building that fair society.

You can find out more about God’s Lily Training by clicking here

This is where the teacher in me is let loose. A teacher has to share what they know or else they will go crazy. A teacher who does not have the opportunity to teach will feel suffocated. It does not matter if they teach face to face classes or preach a sermon every so often or set up an online course or write a book. They live to teach and share with others and if they don’t they feel as if they are surviving rather than living.

My books

I have written a number of books since I set up the first iteration of the Worship Tools website. They are all published with Amazon. Rather than giving you a link to the individual books here is a link to my author page.