Uses of flags

flagFlags are something that we see all around us and that have served a purpose outside and within the church for many  years. When I first started to become interested in using flags in church, I did some research about what the uses of flags. I wrote it all up and printed out a few copies, bound them and gave them to one or two people I knew were also interested in using flags in church.

I wrote it in the summer of 1996 as a distraction activity. It was something to do that took my mind off all the things that were happening around me. The reason I am working on building Lily’s Online Place is because of my own experience and this is where the two ideas have coincided before.

In 2002, I reread it and found that it was still relevant and hardly needed any alterations to the text. All it needed was a bit of formatting and making into a pdf file. You can still download a copy of this 25 page file. However, instead of asking for donation like I used to do it is now only available if you add your name and email to the box on the right hand side.