Simple movements

Wave from side to side.

Circle the flag alternating the direction so it does not become tangled

Move flag in a figure of 8 pattern. One of the symbols for infinity looks like a number 8 on its side.

Hold the pole horizontally and flick or shake the flag.

Combine them with expressive movement or even simple dance movements. This could include marching, skipping running, depending on the music, spiritual atmosphere and space available. Such movements could include interpretations related to signing or other symbolic meanings see the section on colours and symbols.

You do not have to have use one flag at once. Some gifted people can manage to hold up to 5 flags often in different colours in one hand separating them with their fingers. It is more common to see someone with 2 flags of different colours representing different things for example red for blood and gold for glory.

Other people have one in each hand, more often the same colour but there is no reason why they could not be different colours. If you have one in each hand you can do something different with each hand e.g one raised in the air and the other doing a figure of 8 movement underneath it. They can also be used together to create some effects for example with smaller flags you can extend your arm as if up to God then bring the other arm across and put that flag under the top one.

Flags of countries are normally held in high regard. They are not normally thrown about or allow to drag along the floor. Flags can be lowered as a sign of respect or honour.

There are many different styles of using flags. Some are promoted by particular people who then teach their style as ‘the right way’ to use flags. This is, if people are not careful, can become a parallel situation to the judcisers coming into the church and saying wait a minute everything you have been doing is all wrong you have to do it this way. There is no right or wrong way of using flags as long as what is being done brings glory to God. One way that we learn is to watch others and see how they do things and talk to them about what they are doing and where their inspiration comes from. I am wary of people and organisations that are unwilling to share what they know without charging a fee to attend their workshops because to me God’s kingdom works on the principle of giving away what you have.

Other uses of flags

There are all kinds of symbolic uses of flags. Sometimes, it is appropriate for two people to stand facing each other with flags raised and touching each other allowing people to walk underneath. The can also be moved around a building as a symbol of spreading God’s glory around the building. Noisy flags can be used to add to the percussion element of the worship music and hence are often known as warfare flags.