Shapes of flags

The standard shape of a flag is rectangular. However, there are some special shapes that are used for specific purposes. These ones are given here to stimulate ideas for what to create and use as well as to give confidence that the strange inspiration that you feel led to follow is not just you having strange thoughts as others have already been there before.

Fire flags

These can often be some of the most useful special flags as fire is one of the symbols used for the Holy Spirit. There are various ways of creating the effect of fire. The effect of fire is often created in two ways. Firstly, by the colours used which are often a mix of red and yellow sometimes with orange added, that can be used together like stripes but sometimes merging together. Secondly, by having a zig zag edge to the flag.

Wing flags

There are various passages of scripture which talk about sheltering under the wings of the Lord. In order to use the symbolism of this in a worship service, some people have developed wing shaped flags.

Other flag shapes relating to Bible symbols

There are all sorts of ideas seen on web sites that have images of flags. One idea is the veil that has been ripped in two which is basically a rectangular flag that has a rip nearly to the end. Another is the 39 stripes of healing which is taken from the idea that Jesus was hit 39 times and that we are healed by his stripes. This flag is symbolic of the healing that Jesus passion won for us.

Flags with ribbons

Some people add ribbons of matching or contrasting colours to the top of their flag pole.

Adding interest using decorated ends for flag poles

If you look at military flags that are carried in parades they often have special shapes at the end of them. Some may have crowns if they have royal associations. Depending on how a flag is made it may be appropriate to add further decoration like this.

Sizes of flags

The choice of the size of flag depends on the age and strength of the person who is using it. Small flags are useful ways of including children in worship. Large flags can be used for special purposes so a large gold flag can create an effect of God’s glory around the church.

If you were displaying national flags and one flag was smaller than the rest, it would be disrespectful the country with the small flag. This means that the largest flags should always be those most honouring to God so that he is shown the greatest level of respect.

The largest flag that I have seen was made of 3 pieces of one metre wide fabric sewn together to create horizontal stripes. It must have taken 4 metres of each colour. There were some practical considerations with using it such as it could only be used in a building with a very very high ceiling. Preparing a 4 metre pole to support it was not an easy task either partly because it needed to come apart so it could be stored and transported. It was made of two layers of water pipe with a piece of dowel rod inside. Despite this it was still only an inch in diameter. Apparently the first attempt failed as the joins were not staggered leaving a weak point.