What is a worship cloth?

veil as worn by a ladyBasically, they are decorative cloths of various lengths that are used during worship times. The smaller ones are more commonly called veils and are used by one person at once. Larger ones can be 4 or 5 metres long and need one person at each end to use them. Some people call these long worship cloths Glory Tarps and others Majestic Standards.

Sometimes it is possible to buy chiffon type scarves with messages e.g. Jesus loves you on them. Other scarves can be screen printed with a large or a series of small images. These can be quite effective as well.

Using a veil

There are a number of ways of using them. One is to hold the edge of a small veil with both hands and move the arms up and down so that the cloth moves up and down in waves. Another is to hold it in one hand and wave that hand above the head.

Glorious Creations You Tube video Jeanette here is demonstrating how to use the cloths that she sells on her site. She has some good ideas.

Using larger worship cloths

Larger cloths sometimes have tubes inserted into their hems to create handles to make them easier to hold. They need to be held by one person at each end of the cloth and if both people raise their arms at the same time the cloth will billow up. Various movements are possible such as the people running to change places or even turning round. Sometimes, it is appropriate for people to be encouraged to run under a large veil as a symbol of going through fire or water. In this situation, it is a good idea to have a veil that is a suitable colour or even of multiple colours in an appropriate design.

Another interesting effect can be created with 2 cloths and 4 people. The idea is to have the cloths at right angles to each other and time the billowing effects so that the cloths move together. If the people holding one cloth change places, the cloths should end up tied in a simple knot. It is then possible for all four people to raise the cloth at the same time so it rises as a single cross shape. With care the reverse movement can be made to undo the knot as well.