Making a worship cloth or veil

These are basically pieces of fabric treated so that they do not fray. They can be any size that suits the user. One popular fabric is gold lame as this can be used when a song speaks about God’s glory. Another useful colour is white, often used to symbolise a wedding veil.

The best place to look for suitable fabrics are places that sell fabric for either evening wear or dancewear. It might be possible to test the floating and movement qualities of the fabric in the shop, though this depends on the space available and the reaction of the shop staff. Glittery fabrics like a crystal organza or shiny fabrics like a lame add to the feeling of using something special to worship a special God. However, some people use a lightweight “silky polyester”. Don’t forget to check the remnant area, as sometimes they contain short lengths of interesting fabrics that no one else can use, which can become beautiful items in worship gatherings.

Small cloths can be 1.5 to 2 metres long whereas the long ones should be 4 or 5 metres long. Unless the selvages are a mess, there is little point in doing anything else to them but they need finishing at each cut end or else they can fray badly. This can be done using an overlocking machine, a simple zig zag stitch or making a narrow hem that is then machine stitched. However, with a long cloth that is going to have a pole at each end it is necessary to sew a channel to put the pole into. For a pole, look in a DIY store for a plastic pipe that is about an inch diameter and a suitable colour. It may need to be cut to the right size and the ends sanded until they are smooth and comfortable to use.

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