My name is Susan and I am a member of a non-conformist chapel in north Wales (Yes it used to be northern England but I have moved). I was always one of those children who could not sit still when there was music playing. Things have not changed very much, I still struggle to stay still when there is worship music playing. However, these days I have learned to channel this activity so that it becomes part of the worship. I have also developed a range of tools to help with worship. Worship tools are simply the things that add to the expression of worship. When you look at the links you will get an idea of the sort of things that I mean.

What is worship and why do it?

Basically, worship comes out of a heart that loves God, understands what He has done for mankind and is thankful for the big difference this has made in their life. Worship is not something that can be explained in a few sentences, it is even possible to spend most of your time while studying for a degree looking at just worship in all its forms.
However, there are some things that need to be remembered about what worship involves:

  1. Worship involves a relationship with a personal God.
  2. Worship is a response to the many astounding benefits of this personal relationship both those experienced in the present and those promised for the future.
  3. Worship involves submission, service and reverence.
  4. Worship takes place on both an individual and corporate level.
  5. Worship may be informal as well as formal.
  6. Worship may take the form of various activities and yet, at its heart, it is still the same thing.
  7. Worship is about attitude not just activity. In other words, it is something beautiful for God rather than a performance to make ourselves look good in front of other people.
  8. Worship is holistic. It involves the whole person as it takes all our strength, all our mind and all our body to love God enough to become living sacrifices for him. (ouch!)

Why use worship tools?

The main reason for using worship tools is to add to the worship. We need to follow what God is doing as part of worship as He has a number of different moods which we as worshippers need to respond to as part of our relationship. For example, sometimes He might want to be intimate with His children and other times He may want to lead them into battle. Worship tools are particularly good when the mood of worship turns to warfare praise. Flags, praise rings and so on are symbolic weapons that are used during these times. Praise and worship, done according to God’s instructions, can change the atmosphere in a room or even an area and make it possible for other things to happen.

Who can use worship tools?

What tends to happen is the young women take the lead and they are copied by the children. (The section on good manners has a page about teaching children to use worship tools.) There is nowhere in scripture that says men and older women are not supposed to dance. Men have an important role as dancers and active worshippers due to their strength and ability to be warriors and when men do not take up this role, the church loses out. Older women are also important, because often they are more spiritually mature and this can only add to the worship when they are prepared to take part.

Anyone who is not sure about using movement or worship tools in church should start using them at home to worship God and therefore gain confidence and experience before going public. In fact, those who do not worship at home find it harder to join in corporate worship and could be losing out in terms of developing their relationship with God.

call to worship
Why We Use These Instruments Of Praise And Worship.

Learning more

What I have attempted to do here is share some of the things that I have learned so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel. I make no promises that what I have learned is totally accurate, as I am only human. If you find something that should be added to this site you are welcome to contact me and tell me about it. (The link towards the bottom of the list of links should open your email programme with my address in the to box.) I have now set up a page for additions so that I can give credit that is due to those who have made suggestions.

The best teacher is God himself but, just occasionally He uses clay vessels like me to help others learn. If you want to know more that I have been able to share then ask the best teacher in the world to help you learn.