Why this name?

The story behind this name started when I was looking for a name to use when making and selling jewellery. I did not want to use my surname so I looked at what I what could do with my first name. Susan means lily. At about the same time I thought God was asking me to wear more pink clothes.  At that time nearly all my wardrobe was blue or grey, colours that were more like prison uniform!

I then remembered the song Lily the Pink from my childhood. OK Lily the Pink sounds good why not use that. I had a look at the words of the song. Her medicinal compound is thought to have some very strange results in the song. It is somewhat exaggerated.

After digging round a bit more I found out that the song was based on a real person. I have I have written about her at the original Lily the Pink The thing that has amazed me are the similarities between her life and mine. That is why she has become a role model for me.

Why education?

I have always wanted to be teacher.  After a long circuitous journey, a story told in the find your purpose, love you life materials, I qualified to teach adults here in the UK.  My main subject was IT. So putting a desire to teach and my IT skills together led to what I am trying to do online today.

The subject has changed somewhat though. The aim is to help people who find themselves in mental distress. After coming through my own issues while being a carer of someone diagnosed with a mental illness and then a volunteer support worker I have learnt a thing or two about this area.

Where does the CIC at the end come from?

CIC stands for Community Interest Company. What on earth does that mean? It is a type of limited company but one where the aim is benefit the community rather than to make money for those running it. It is not a charity although there is a regulator who by law needs to see the year end accounts and the annual report. The annual report has to explain what the company has done to benefit the communities that the founding documents said would do. These are available on the regulator’s own web site so anyone can have a look at them.

The legal documents have to say who will benefit from the activities of the CIC. There are two groups mentioned. Firstly, anyone who can access the web site and understand English. Secondly, those living locally who need support to improve their emotional or mental wellbeing. Before agreeing to register the company as a CIC the regulator also wanted to see a list of ways that these communities could benefit. The profits have to go to the community rather than to the directors.

The documentation also had to state what use any surplus would be put to. The answer to that was “The range of possible needs that clients may have means that it is unlikely that there will be any difficulty finding ways of spending money on clients.”  There is also an asset lock that means that if Lily the Pink Education is wound down then all the assets have to be passed on to another not for profit organisation doing similar work . So now you know.

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