Who is this site for?

The site description says this site is

the voice of those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weak are met without weakening them further

Well who are these frustrated people?

  1. Those who want to do more to help those who are struggling but are not sure how to do it.
  2. Those who like God’s Lily have a vision but are struggling to bring it to reality.
  3. God’s Lily herself as she gets really frustrated when she sees all kinds of needs that are not being met. You can tell that from the entries in the journal about what else could be done that is not being done! Her problem is that she is one woman and to do all these things it would take a small army of people and how do you raise that kind of army?

Do you notice that these groups of people could help each other relieve their frustrations? You have people who want help to achieve a small part of a bigger whole and someone who wants to raise a small army of helpers to relieve her frustration of seeing so much unmet need.

Primarily women?

I invited a man or two to look at what I was doing and one of them said ugg that is rather girly for me. He then went on to say that many male church leaders like the idea of getting out of the church and organising various community activities because it enables them to get away from the women in the church and do something that feels manly. The more I thought about it the more I realised the sense in what he was saying.

I am trying to word this in a way that does not sound sexist but the truth is that men and women see things differently. After all it says in Genesis that the first human was split into two to make the man Adam and the woman Eve. I see this as meaning that God took out a selection of qualities and abilities that we would now call feminine out of Adam. As result Adam would have been left with what we now think of as being masculine qualities and abilities and Eve with with what we now think of as feminine. It was actually a brilliant strategy to encourage people to work together in teams so that they made the best use of their different strengths. If only people could respect the differences between them and bring the best out of each other but that is a different problem.

I have been to a number of events where they were talking about doing things differently within a church context and it is surprising how often the speaker has been male. You would think that women were not out there doing the stuff. The truth is that they are but they are doing things in a feminine way that tends to get overlooked. Women do things differently and to a certain extent need to be celebrated differently as well.

In other words guys, you are welcome to get involved but this is a site created by a woman with women in mind. In fact there is even a book that is published by God’s Lily that is targetted at women i.e. Faithful Ladies CAN Transform Society.

Primarily leaders, entrepreneurs or apostles

What on earth do those terms have in common? Basically they describe people who have ideas about how to change the world and are willing to start new projects to bring that vision to reality.  They are the ones who step out there and do something different. For an apostle it could be church planting or starting a new congregation in the local coffee shop. For the entrepreneur it could be starting a new business. For the leader it could be starting anything new that others want to join in with such as a community project.

The sad thing is that whenever someone has the vision to move forwards that there are others who stay where they are. You can see this in all sorts of ways. It is part of the explanation why there are so many different denominations in the British church. Someone has a good idea and moved forwards and others have stayed where they were.

It happens again and again when new things are introduced as it is amazingly hard to introduce new ideas and get everyone onboard with them. The reality is that you will find people who want to do things differently and those who don’t. God’s Lily has encountered people who had their own reasons for not wanting to do things differently. It could be their fear of making a mistake or the bad experiences they have had in the past. In her case she made choices about other things in her life that had the side effect of being able to leave those blockages behind.

Some people have to make difficult choices if they are going to bring about their vision of the future. They may have to do things differently. Well if they cannot get a church-based programme off the ground they may have to gather supporters from outside the church and start a community-based project. However, if they are really called to do whatever it is they will keep looking for a way to make it happen. Those are the sort of people that God’s Lily works with.

One of the aims of God’s Lily is to encourage people to start prototypes to test out ideas. The beauty of prototypes is that can prove the value in an idea or project which makes it much easier for other people to come along and support what you are doing. That support may come in the form of money to pay your bills or it may come in other ways but once others see the value in what you are doing they will come alongside and help you.

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