What next?

God’s Lily has a big vision so you might wonder what is next? How on earth can such a vision ever become a reality? Or even how can any fraction of that vision become a reality.

The truth is that is the question even I, as God’s Lily have asked myself. It seems totally preposterous. The first thought was to get others involved but they thought it was so ridiculous that they were not interested. Now what?

Two things. Firstly break it down into manageable chunks. After all, it was always obvious that it was made up of little pieces put together.  Secondly, find people who were already dreaming of doing, or had started doing, one of the pieces.

What then does God’s Lily bring to the mix?

One way and another the thread of education and teaching has been woven into her story.  The same is true for computers and even websites. Again and again, these things play a part so they must be linked to her purpose and destiny.

Then there was that crazy story of the dream she had way back that encouraged her to do some job-searching on New Years Day,  on a computer of course. If you thought you could have been helping prisoners rather than being a  prisoner if you did some job-searching then you would do it wouldn’t you.  The end result of that day’s efforts was not a job but a place on a course that gave her a paper qualification in business start up that was high enough to teach others to start a business. The possibility of ever being able to do that course without that dream was zero. That was the one and only chance she had of doing that course.

There is more of course. Such as the life experience that showed her the importance of not submitting unnecessarily and of tolerating the bad behaviour of others.

Then there is the experience of her free will limiting God so that she stayed in a touch place until she let Him get her out His way. That is one of the reasons behind having a big vision. If you have a big vision makes it possible to do big things. If did not say that it will happen but what does happen is that it reduces the limitations that are on you.

How many times have you heard someone say ” I can’t do this? You then look at them and wonder why they couldn’t? You know them well enough to know that they have the physical ability to do whatever it is. You know that they have everything else that they need to do it. The only thing that is stopping them doing it is the belief that they cannot do it. The problem is that they have created a barrier because they believe that they can’t do it.

One of the big barriers to us achieving anything is our belief system. There is a lot of truth in the saying if we think we can then we can and if we think we can’t then we can’t. It does not matter if we are learning to read or trying to read a scientific journal. It is our negative beliefs that hold us back. Once we do not believe that something is possible we stop trying.

So what is next? A step by step journey towards a huge seemingly impossible future that uses the skills and experience of the past. If you have a look around this site you will see what has been done and what is being done.