What could we have in common?

Where I have lived?

So far I have always lived in England. Until I started school I lived in Derbyshire (Clowne, Creswell and Long Eaton).  While I was at school I lived in Cheshire (Claughton, Mollington, Plas Newton, Eccleston and Dodleston). After I left school I have lived in County Durham (Gilesgate Moor, Ferryhill and Bishop Auckland).  More recently I moved to north east Wales so I could spend more time with my parents in their declining years.

This is why I have a British accent. The problem is anyone hearing me has a struggle deciding where in England my accent is from. They often know what it is not but usually cannot work out what it is. I am trying to learn Welsh but it is something of a challenge.

Where have I been?

I have only been out of Europe twice. Once on a day trip across the Straits of Gibraltar to Africa. The second time was a holiday in Turkey when I had the opportunity to visit Ephesus. I have taken a few trips around Europe visiting Italy, France, Germany Portugal and Spain.

I have been to Washington, Toronto, Quebec and Philadelphia but these are the names of places in or near County Durham rather than the big cities in North America.

Things that I like

If you have not guessed I like making things partly because it involves problem-solving. I like going to church. I have been asked not to mention which one or even which denomination because of possible issues with the Charity Commission.

Things that I do NOT like

I hate housework. I try and call it home-blessing to encourage myself to get it done.

I do not like being in the big city. I will go for a reason but I prefer village life i.e. some people and some countryside. The city is too busy and too crowded for comfort. That is why my idea of a good holiday is a trip to Scotland but not Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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