Welcome to God’s Lily

Years ago I heard God say that I was someone that He wanted to use to restore the church. OK how do you do that!

To start with it did not really matter because of the personal challenges I was facing. It was hard enough trying to survive in a difficult environment myself. How could I really do anything to help others?

When life got easier I started to think wondering if this idea really was right. What had I learnt going through all those trials? What could I really do?

Saying I was the one called to that kind of work quite frankly seemed outrageous. Who? Her? In a strange way it reminded me of Habakkuk’s reaction to what God told him. God do you really to really do that, with those people. OK Lord I don’t understand but I will trust you that you know best. Yes I know the circumstances are very different but the sentiments are the same.

My head often whirls around with ideas. Wondering what all this is really about. One of the easiest ways of coping with this is to write at least some of them down. Then what do I do with them? I can always put them out there and see if anyone else wants to read them.

Here we are wondering what happens next? I have loads of ideas but which of them is right?

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