The Manifesto that is NOT for Wimps

Why a manifesto and why is this one not for wimps? A manifesto is a statement of beliefs and in terms of a political manifesto a statement of what they intend to do in the near future. A wimp is an ineffectual person.

Susan wrote this book in response to those who were telling her that it was possible to achieve her goals by starting a charity. In fact they had not quite grasped how extensive her ideas were. What was worse she already knew that there was no way that they could be achieved by starting a charity.

Those in the church have a tendency to say that if they are invovled it has to be a charity. There can be little or no element of trading in what they do. Strange for a belief system that is actually based on trading i.e. Jesus dying to save people and in effect trading places with them.

This book challenges the belief that every thing the church needs to do can be achieved by setting up charities and behaving like a charity themselves. The reality is that they set those limits on themselves and then cut back on the activities that they got involved with. This books starts wiith an examination of what they could and should be doing and then looks at a different approach. One that is not for wimps.

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