Our vision

One day shortly before she went to bed Susan asked God what He would like the company she had just set up to  become. The morning after she woke up seeing a hexagonal diagram. Each side was a triangle and each triangle represented a different area of activity within Lily’s Place.

Lily’s Place

This is a centre where people in mental distress could come and get everything they needed to recover. Just about the only thing that it did not offer was somewhere to stay.
There would be

  1. a quiet area for spiritual refreshment
  2. a study area for those who want to improve their literacy and numeracy skills or gain other qualifications
  3. a business/employment area where people could learn or practise skills that would help them set up a business or get a job
  4. a living area where people could come and practice housekeeping or DIY skills
  5. a practical helps area for those setting up a new home or moving home
  6. a social area for those who want to meet friends and have something to eat

This sounds more like a small town rather than a single community project doesn’t it. It does not even sound possible. The answer to this is that if God wants it to happen then He will make it happen.

How could it happen?

One possibility is that those who learn to blossom set up their own projects that fulfill part of the dream. Another is that we work together with other people who provide these sorts of services. It is not impossible that some of the people who benefit from the work of Lily the Pink Education CIC will offer their time and or money to expand the work that it does. If every effort is made to follow a God inspired path then it will happen.

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