Susan the Community Groups Midwife

What is a community groups midwife?

Well you know what a midwife is? They are trained professionals, often with a background in nursing, who provide specialist care for expectant mothers and their unborn child. They help the mother prepare for the birth and support the mother not just during the delivery but also for a few days afterwards. It is then the turn of different medical professionals to care for the child. Occasionally they have to help the parents recover from a still birth or miscarriage or start the journey of supporting a child that is not all that they had hoped for.

You know what a community group is don’t you? A group of people that come together to meet a specific need within the community. It could be a food bank that provides food for those who would otherwise go hungry. It could be a crochet group where people learnt new skills and support each other through the challenges and triumphs of life.

Now put the two ideas together. A community groups midwife is someone who is experienced and trained in helping those who have an idea for a community group bring it to life, They walk along side those who are developing the idea and then help them launch a community group that has the best chance of thriving for the long term.

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