It started with a plate

We started by making a plate using papier mache then they were decorated. There are four very different plates

The craftee who made this enjoyed putting on the dots. 

The craftee started this and the carer finished it off.

The carer and craftee worked together to stencil this plate but it did not work as well as they had hoped. The thing is they had a go and tried doing something different.

This one uses wrapping paper that was cut into shapes with a special cutter. There is a shape to guide a special knife that has a big handle and a little blade. 

Dough on a plate

One day we made some salt dough. Everyone mixed their own. There was a box of cutters people could choose from.
The dough was rolled out with little rolling pins. You could tell which carers made their own pies from the way they handled a rolling pin.

We got the large cookie cutters out. There was plenty to choose from. Once the dough was cut into shapes it was put on a baking sheet, ready for Susan to put in the car. Most of the time we remembered to put the holes in the dough so the finished product could be hung up.

Once she got home Susan put the dough in a low oven for a few hours Next week she brought them back and they were painted.

It was great to see the teamwork as craftees and carers worked together.