Find your Purpose Love your Life

A life without a purpose can be a nightmare but how do you wake up and start truly living your life. This book takes you through a process that the author developed based on an ancient Middle Eastern philosophy that Susan used to transform her own life.

She starts by showing people that there is a place for them in the world and talks about the importance of self-acceptance. The book goes on to look at some reasons why people have strayed from their purpose and the consequences of this. The aim is to gather evidence that will help them leave the past behind them so that they can move into a better future.

Next step is to use that evidence with three different processes i.e. releasing the past, retuning their hearts and reframing their ideas. Only then are the readers guided through a process that will help them prove to themselves what their purpose is.

The remainder of the book looks at some of the practicalities of moving into a new life such as planning and managing failure. All the way though the book is illustrated with examples taken from her own life and the lives that have intersected with her own.

The author knows what it is like to have descended into a nightmare. In her case if was a destructive marriage that prevented her going forwards into her purpose. It has taken time to recover from this situation. Hardly surprising when you realise just how long a detour she had made on the journey to fulfilling her purpose.

That detour has not been a waste of time as it has given her an unprecedented understanding of some of the more common challenges of life. These include things like self-acceptance and tolerating what should not be tolerated.

What makes this book so fascinating is that it is not written by a celebrity standing on a hill urging people to come up and join them. It is written by someone who knows what it is like to pick herself up from the floor and start again.

This is a book designed to help those rebuilding their lives. Disaster could have struck for a variety of reasons. It might not even be disaster just a recognition that they need to do something different as they cannot keep going as they have been doing. It provides a proven time-tested method of dealing with the wreckage and then provides the starting point for a new life.

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