Susan the author

Susan was born in Derbyshire and lived there until she started school. While at school she lived in Cheshire. After she left school she moved to County Durham. Shortly before this book was published she moved to North Wales.

She was a somewhat muddled teenager, but no worse than many others. Problem was that life became a downward spiral. One poor choice led to another. Looking back, even the times that looked better than most when looking back left something to be desired. It took a divine escape plan to get out of that one.

Once out of that difficult situation, a lot of time was spent reflecting upon it. It has not just been thinking, as Susan’s desire to understand what happened has also led to her doing a lot of reading. That is why this book is not just a memoir, nor is it a book a journalist could have written. It is a combination of the two approaches to writing.

Years ago the prophecy she was given at church said that God wanted her to write for Him and that she had the “pen of a ready writer in her hand”. She was also tol that she had a scribe anointing. Oh uh, what is a scribe. Here is what one dictionary said “A writer and a doctor of the law; a man of learning; one skilled in the law; one who read and explained the law to the people.” Another prophecy said that she would “restore my people through the word of my testimony”.

Imagine being told that? It is scary. It sounds big headed. Yet there was more besides that. It is quite a role to grow into. Even more so when you read the stories in the book about the challenges she has faced over the years. No wonder that when  someone once told her that to climb a high mountain you need to descend into deep valley, she was not happy.

This book makes it obvious that that despite being told all these things that it has been what she had learnt by being in the valley that have given her something to write about. Not only that but she has learnt how to climb out of that valley and this book shares what she has learnt during that climb as well.

If you want to learn how to climb out of the valley this book will help you.