Lily’s Place

Find your Purpose Love your Life is one of the early manifestations of a project called Lily’s Place. This project started as a dream. Susan asked God the question what do you want this business to grow into. The following morning she woke up seeing a diagram in her mind. She quickly scribbled it down but then typed it up and this was the result.


Wow there is something there that would meet just about every need to someone who was in mental distress because they had hit hard times. The most obvious need that it does not meet is actually putting a roof over their heads.

Find your Purpose Love your Life and Lily’s Place

Even the biggest of projects has to start somewhere and no one can say that Lily’s’ Place is small. There are 26 separate ideas listed for those 6 areas and each one of them is a decent sized project.

The idea behind Lily’s Place is that people come in get trained and then start their own project. Many of these projects would then be under the umbrella of Lily’s Place.

Some of those who came in would be in dire straits and wondering how to make the first step in rebuilding their lives. The Find your Purpose Love your Life materials will help them work out where they should be heading towards. They may have quite a bit of work to do to rebuild their lives but it will be so much easier if they know what they are are aiming for.

Some of those who come in will be at a stage of being able to set up a project for themselves. They still need to know where they are aiming for. It is just that they have less work to do rebuilding their lives in the process of working towards their goal.

Want to find out more?

A good place to start is the God’s Lily website. There is more about Lily’s Place here