In the beginning… Where does the money come from to finance Kingdom work?

It does not matter what you are trying to do one of the first challenges is working out how you are going to pay for it. You have a good idea. You know how to implement it but then you look for the money to do it and whole thing comes to a shuddering halt. Or if it does not come to a dead stop, there is a huge sacrifice made to go forwards.

You are already making a sacrifice. You are living and or working in an area where you see a great need. You have moved out of the community you have been part of into another one with its slightly different micro-culture. You are trying to do something new, vibrant and different, This is why they call it pioneering. Then financial reality hits, and sometimes hits hard.

The work you want to do costs money. It might not cost a lot to hire a room or to buy craft materials, but they still have to be paid for. You might be having a community meal but where does the food and the tea and the coffee come from?

It gets worse

You want to do more. Play a bigger role in the community. You can’t. You are stuck behind this financial barrier. You look around and see the changes that are starting to happen. There are people who are finding a way out of the captivity of their circumstances. People who once were stuck in miry clay are now standing on solid rock.

You want to see more. You want to go on and see a 30 fold or even 100 fold increase. Yet it is a struggle to see where the money to do this will come from.

You know the basics will always be covered somehow as sometimes money appears in quite miraculous ways. Yet there is a sense of discontentment. If only I had more I could give more, I could do more. The harvest would be greater.

It is all well and good this sacrifice for mission but why do I have to count every penny. Why can’t resources be bountiful? After all there is no shortage in the kingdom. I mean the king owns it all so why is it such a struggle to find enough resources to do all that I believe I am supposed to do.

How do I know about all this?

Well I have been there, done that and worn the T-shirt. I have known what I been called to do but then hit the buffers when it came to finding the money to do it. Yes the needs have been met and I have never truly gone without, but it has always been a struggle.

I have tried to go forwards in this way or that way and then something has gone wrong. That seemed such sensible thing to do at the time but then the whole thing fell apart. It was back to the drawing board again.

It was maddening, frustrating and to be honest it felt as though I was wandering around a wilderness looking for a few insects to eat.

While I was wandering around I learned quite a few lessons. I suppose in fact it really was a training ground although I did not realise it at the time. You see if you can survive in the wilderness it is somewhat easier to survive outside, once life becomes so much easier. The lessons you learn stand you in good stead for the future and do you know what? They also help you become someone who has something to share with others.

Being a pioneer and listening to those who are also in the community I realised that I had some relatively unusual abilities. You see I loved playing with my computer and in fact could use it to do a variety of things that other people just dream about doing such as creating online courses.

When the visiting prophet said I had the pen of a ready writer in my hand it was umm I think I have heard that phrase somewhere before. Yet it is true, writing ideas down comes does easily to me. (Well you can see just how long this webpage is can’t you!) Mix the two together and you have what is needed to create some very useful websites.

What do I have to share that you will find useful?

300-s-Report-fkw  Actually I have loads of ideas that I have put on a number of different websites but on this one there is a course called Financing Kingdom Work. It is exactly what it says on the tin. A distillation of the things I have learned while financing kingdom work.

The course modules are

Introductory comments – There are some things that we need to cover here to set the scene. I know from hard-won experience that it is impossible to go forwards until we are all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Kingdom solutions to the mental turmoil relating to finance – If you think that this is irrelevant think again. Mindset is an important piece of the puzzle of finance and yes this is a Christian approach to the topic. This is really just an introduction to the topic but after seeing how much turmoil some people were experiencing it had to be included.

Using other people’s money – This might sound rather an insensitive way of gathering together a group of possibilities for financing kingdom work. However, the reality is that there are times when some people need to rely on others for their personal financial survival. This module is a collection of ideas about how to make the best of this situation.

Using your own money – This could be mean finding a job or waiting until you have a pension to support you. Here there are a collection of ideas that will prompt you to think through how you can make this work for you.

Becoming self-sustaining – There are some projects which can become self-sustaining and indeed do so well financially that they can support some or all of those who work in them. The idea is to think through some of the basic issues.

Concluding remarksNow all the basics have been covered it is time to look at the ideas that apply to all three ways of financing kingdom work. This includes things like planning for the future.

What this is not

It is not a how to manual. You can find those in other places like volunteer support agencies.

It is not a full-scale heal your money wounds course. I have plans to do that with the Bridge To Riches materials that I have been gathering.

It is not a Get Rich Quick scheme or even a Get Rich Slowly plan. Those are a ten a penny online. Although I must admit I have done some things along this line under the heading of the Money Making Parlour.

What is it then?

It is the missing manual. The things that you only learn from actually doing the stuff. You see I have had my listening ears on while I have been reading Facebook groups where pioneers keep in touch with each other. I have also been listening to what some regional and national leaders within the non-conformist denomination that the church I attend have been saying.

The worst thing however was hearing the screams of pain that came through some of the responses I had to the survey I did. Once I heard them I could not stay silent anymore. I had to share what I had learnt while wandering around the wilderness.

You see before you decide what to do, you have to think through the issues involved with those various choices. This course is designed to help you do just that. That is why the headline starts In the beginning because this really does go through the things that you need to think about at the very beginning of the process of working out how you are going to Finance Kingdom Work.

How do you access these materials?

After hearing those screams of pain there was something that I knew that I could not do, and that was to ask for a lot of money in return for these materials. To be honest what I wanted to do was offer it on a pay what you want basis. The problem was that I couldn’t make the systems I wanted to use play nicely together. One want to do it this way and the other wanted to do it that way and I just could not get them to agree.

I also wanted to set them up as a series of web pages that followed one after another that you could only access for a fee. Then came the EU VAT Digital Services Regulations. That was the end of that idea. Dealing with the whole taxation stuff was way too hard for a mere mortal to manage.

What could I do now? The answer was to put together as an eBook and use a selling platform that handles the VAT on the behalf of sellers. Phew finally there was a way of doing what I wanted to do. You see that is the frustrating thing about this kind of project. Sometimes you have to try a number of different ways of doing the same thing before you find one that ticks all the boxes.

That is the challenge of pioneering. There is no rule book, few if any examples to follow. You just have to plough your own furrow. It is even more challenging as I don’t have a funding pot to draw on. I need the money to continue and expand what I am doing so I will have to ask for something in return. Let’s say 5 quid  (that’s about 7 bucks). By the way remember if you do not ordinarily buy things in £s, don’t worry all you need is a credit card or debit card and the clever people at the bank will sort it all out for you.

Buy eBook

What can you expect to find on the other side? (The other side of the buy button that is.)

Book1-fkw-300OK that is a hard back book and I am offering a pdf file. I used to say that it was crazy making these files look like real books. I even wondered if it was deceptive. Then I realised that it was so much easier to visualise that they would get by showing them a real book. After all if you have a binder that has a pocket on the front that lets you put a piece of paper in it, you could print out the first page of the file and your file will look very like that book. I liked the idea of using web pages because I know how to set them up with a text to speech service that would read the page to you. I also had it set up so you could print each page as a pdf. See why I am not so keen on the taxman these days. An eBook is better than nothing I suppose but hopefully one day I will be able to do it in the way that I originally wanted to do it. Here is that buy button again. Buy eBook