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The heading says buy the book but what is a book? If you think a book is a pdf file then follow the link to Payhip. If you think a book is a paperback then follow the link to Amazon, If you think a book is an electronic file you read on an Ereader like Kindle,, Nook or even another type of ereader then follow the link to Smashwords.

Go to Payhip to buy a PDF file to read or print immediately

If you have the ability to read a pdf file or even print one this is the option for you, Most desk top computers or lap computers can do this as can some hand held devices. This is the quickest and easiest way of getting a printed copy.

Go to Amazon to buy the paperback version you can hold in your hands

This is a real book that you can hold in your hand.

Some dark clouds have silver linings

Why do it this way? Why not just have buy button with a file set up to download direct from the website? To be honest that is what I watned to do and t be honest if it was 2014 then I could have done that.

The European Union Value Added Tax Digital Services Regulations 2015 put an end to doing things like that. There is no fully compliant technology available to us so the only solution is to send you to a third party supplier who is willing to take responsibility for VAT compliance on our behalf.

Yuck they keep hold of quite a chunk of the price for themselves. Um a law that was supposed to control some of the big fish in the market  place is also driving the little fish towards them for shelter. On the other hand, this does make it easier to offer you some choices that you would not have had otherwise.

P.S. That is the sanitised calmed down story. There were once smoking ears and flaming tongue easily visible after it was realised that was technologically impossible for a website like this one to comply with the law. Understandably I am supporting the campaign run by the EUVATaction group. See for more information about what they are doing.