Time for a change?

Time for a change?

Change is a funny thing. You do everything to stop it happening but then something happens and you have to change. You get settled, stuck in a rut and then wham bam change is a-coming man.

You could hide in your bed and say stop the world I want to get off. You could reach out for something that is familiar. There again you could stop, take stock and see if it is time to take a new direction.

This programme is designed for you if you are at a crossroads in your life. It is for you if you have reached a time when you know that you need to look around and work out what direction you should take. That is why there is an old signpost at the top of the page.

Something has happened to bring about a drastic change and somehow you have to start moving in the right direction. You need to make a fresh start and this time you have every intention of fulfilling your heart’s desires. No more going round in circles getting nowhere you are going to set a course so that you can make your dreams and visions a reality.

Who am I and what right have I to write on this topic?

That’s me. My family call me Susan and Susan means lily. Lilies are flowers that have a grace and beauty about them.

The thing is though, that I have not had a beautiful life. I have been through a series of situations where I felt that the things I was holding onto for security just disappeared.

The first time was when the main breadwinner lost their job. Suddenly there were bills to pay and little if any money coming to pay them. It took two years before they found another job and the long hard climb out of the financial mire we had sunk into could begin.

Another time was when the issues created by that climb out of a financial mess exhausted us to the point of mental collapse. We were down on the floor and unable to see what was really happening around us. End result of that was broken family relationships that separated the generations and caused a lot of grief.

After that came the parting of the ways when I had to rebuild my life on my own including mending a broken family and making a new home for myself. There is more, but those are just the highlights or should I say lowlights.

Each time I have had to look around and think how I could recover from what seemed utter devastation. I know the mental distress that comes from things going badly wrong and I wanted to hold a helping hand out to others in that situation.

What is Find your Purpose Love your Life about?

These materials aim to do exactly what the title says. Help you find your purpose so that you will love your life. I can hear you saying “What I need is a way of increasing my income. I do not need someone reminding me of my teenage dream of being a doctor so I can help people.

I don’t want to waste my time running in the direction of what looks good only to find that it is a mirage. It might sound OK but how can I be sure that you are not just another snake oil salesperson and purveyor of New Age mumbo jumbo? ” Whoa there skeptic!

Believe it or not there are people who manage to resurrect a teenage dream and use that to help them increase their income. Do you realise that it was God that put desires into your heart? He was the one who arranged circumstances so that you could reach them.

Yes it was not easy chasing after those heart’s desires. You, like me,  probably went on a detour or two and found yourself well off track and in need of plotting a new course.

Those good things are not necessarily a mirage. You may find that what you have dreamed about is not quite the same as reality. I know I have. However, stretching forwards towards that dream has been very helpful on many occasions.

The idea of being a snake oil salesperson is as repulsive to me as it is to you. Ugh those slick charming salesmen who have the patter down so that they can persuade anyone to do anything make me feel uncomfortable. The thought of being spoken of in the same breath horrifies me.

Getting off track

See how easy it is to get off track? I have just done it myself. Instead of telling you what Find your Purpose Love your Life was about I went off on a tangent countering skeptics. Let’s get back on track.

Find your Purpose Love your Life is about seeking out the things that you were designed to do. After that the aim is to help you get back on track so that you can be the best you possible. Someone who knows what their gifts and talents are and puts them to good use.

Now I hear you saying what has that  got to do with money and finances. I have spent years studying ancient wisdom. I realised that the same God who gives us our gifts and talents also gives us the ability to get wealth. (Yes it is there in the bible, its just that it gets overlooked a bit at times.)

Wouldn’t it be more sensible if He arranged one of those things with the other in mind. If we enjoy using our gifts and talents and can find a way of using them to increase our wealth then we will experience a much higher level of enjoyment.

We will  gather the resources that mean that we and our children do not experience lack. That sounds rather selfish until you realise that we are being rewarded for using our gifts and talents to serve others and meet their needs.

Many understand that their needs will be met when they help others. What is not so easy to recognise is that they can meet their needs because they are given money as a reward for serving others. Money comes from serving others and meeting their needs. Do that often enough and you will be financially successful. That is what I call not just a win win situation but a win win win situation.

It is time to make a fresh start

Are you one of those who have wandered off the path of progressing towards their purpose and need a helping hand to find your way back? No problem, that is exactly what these materials are designed to do.

My aim is not just to say this is what you should be doing. Ouch I don’t like the sound of that anyway do you! The idea is to provide you with a guide that you can use to find your purpose.

The materials also look at what led you astray and then deal with that so that you can make a fresh start. The aim being to go through a releasing process and then a retraining process that will stand you in good stead for the future.

Sound interesting!

The first step is to read the taster. To do this you will need to fill in the form below so that you can be sent the link.


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