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The sub-title for this page should be what do all the tiles on my Google cover image represent. They are all images created when I redesigned the headers of my various websites so that they were all suitable for use with the same WordPress theme. I will start at the left and work my way across.
blossom tileBlossom with Lily is about helping people blossom into all that they can be. Blossoming is about flourishing thriving being successful. The aim is to look at ways in which we change change our lives for the better and become all that we were designed to become.

Look in the centre of that picture there is a real lily. I found that lily while I was out and about and snapped the picture on my phone. Once home it was a case of playing with the image on my computer and this is what it ended up like. The website for these materials can be found here.


Pounds CAN meet the Ends tile Pounds CAN Meet the Ends uses the first domain name that I ever registered. I have used this domain since 2001. The logo that I have used on that site has only changed very slightly in that time.

What has changed though is my attitude towards money. This site started life as a site that encouraged controlling spending and used the title Making the Pounds Meet the Ends. This was actually a symptom of what I now call financial anorexia. This is really a fear of spending money that like food based anorexia is associated with the inaccurate way we see ourselves. These days this site is not used very much but it is still keep for old time’s sake. If you really want you can have a look at it here.

Find your Purpose Love your LifeFind your Purpose Love your Life comes from the perspective that we are designed to do certain things and that until we follow that purpose we will be uncomfortable. It lists some of the ways that we experience that discomfort. After that comes a section on how we can work out what are supposed to be doing. Followed by what we should do if we discover we have gone in the wrong direction.

The image is adapted from one that I took myself. It is a signpost that I have passed many times. Yes it really is rusty and and has been leaning at this crazy angle for many years. Despite looking as though it is in a field there is a road in front of it. However, it is in the midst of the English countryside. You can find the website here.

Prepared Home tile The Prepared Home was the second domain name that I ever bought some 8 months after the first one. It is linked to the ideas that if we think ahead we will be better prepared to face whatever challenges appear in front of us. This web site is not used much these days although there are still some bits and pieces there. This logo was drawn using an old version of MS word and has only had minor tweaks to it over the years. You will find it here.

Surviving a Household Emergency is a collection of notes that were first gathered as part of a course of the same name that I created. In other words it is the updated version of the text book for that course. These FREE materials can be found here.

Food Storage Course comprises of the materials relating to food storage that were once on the main Prepared Home site. Like the Surviving a Household Emergency materials it uses the same logo as the main Prepared Home site. you can find out more about it here.

Seedlings in a potSowing and Growing Information Products is designed as an inspirational book for those who are thinking about setting up a business.The inspiration comes from looking at nature. This image was found on Wikipedia and is of sunflower seedlings. You can find our more about the book here.

Sowing a Business is based on ideas related to growing apples rather than nature in general. It also includes more about the idea of systems within a business. the website for these materials can be found hereMaking money in the parlour
Making Money in the Parlour started as a dream. I literally woke up with the idea for a book and I even knew what the book should look like with the red and white diagonally striped cover and white comb binding. The subtitle is using the best room in the house to make money in a decent legal and honest way. The idea is to provide ideas for those setting up small money-making projects based at home that are more like apprenticeships and preparation for business than fully fledged businesses. The reason being that it is better to learn, and possibly fail, when setting up something very small than facing larger consequences of making mistakes with a larger project. It is available from Smashwords here. The website itself is here.

money extravaganza tileMoney Extravaganza

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