What is a prepared home?

Basically it is one that is prepared to cope with whatever realistic problems might affect its occupants. Preparedness is something that is often forgotten about when looking at domestic arrangements unless someone in the household had experienced problems before. They probably found out the hard way that being prepared means that recovery after a disaster is easier. The aim of this site is to provide information on things like food storage, finding water and safety which is relevant to the UK. This means that all the information given is in line with British law which normally recognises EC rulings.

Won't others help us?

Why do we need to prepare, won't the authorities look after us? Well, yes BUT

  • they cannot always offer help as quickly as those affected need it
  • the need could be so great that the authorities cannot help everyone who needs help so they prioritise so they may look after the needs of the elderly and those with very young children first and if there is anything left, the rest of us will get something
  • some authorities are not very well prepared to help people and struggle to cope

If central government, local councils, or the companies we rely on to provide with what we need, including gas, water electricity cannot help us what are we going to do?

  • depend on family and friends who may be no more prepared than we are OR
  • stand on our own two feet because we are ready to cope

Its just a waste of time and effort isn't it?

How many things do you have in your kitchen that you use everyday? Some things will get used most days like the kettle, others might only get used once a year like the turkey roasting tin. Many people keep their turkey roasting tin in the cupboard and just bring it out at Christmas, rather throwing it away and buying a new one the following year. The question is, would you rather have it and not need it, or need it and not have it? One of the first ideas promoted on this site is storing enough food so that you do not have to visit the shops for at least a few weeks. This would be useful if

  • the weather was too bad to leave the house
  • the household income was severely reduced due to unemployment
  • there was a cash flow problem, as the money expected had not arrived
  • the whole household came down with flu

Just storing food without thinking things through can be a waste of money. But, do it the right way and you can even save money. The idea of this site is to help you do these things the right way and avoid wasting your time and effort.

Isn't this just being pessimistic?

The first time your household has a short power cut you may end up sitting in the dark. This leads to three possible reactions. 1  The optimist says it won't happen here again, so don't bother doing anything differently. 2 The reasonable person will weigh up the risks of the same thing happening again and think about what they could get to make that situation easier. This could include

  • buying some torches and making sure they have some spare batteries for them
  • checking what batteries their radio takes and having some on hand
  • looking for cheap board games so that they have something to do
  • making sure they have something in the cupboard that does not need cooking, such as corned beef and sweetcorn

3   The pessimist will panic and think how they will survive if the power goes off for days. They will consider spending a fortune and buy

  • a non-electric washing machine
  • solar powered panels to run the central heating pump
  • a generator to keep the fridge and freezer going

Why use this logo?

The inspiration for the logo came from an old TV insurance advert. This advert showed a family who  were wrapped round in an insurance policy which kept them safe from harm. The house in the logo is wrapped in something that looks a bit like a scarf to protect it from catching a chill from the cold winds that would normally make the occupants very unhappy. The die hard survivalists would think the idea of the scarf to protect you would not be sufficient given the dangers they foresee. Well, this is not a site for dyed in the wool survivalists, but for ordinary people who want to think about taking care of themselves better by preparing for possible problems ahead.