About me

Susan in hexagonMy name is Susan and I set up the first Prepared Home web site in 2002. I had just learned how to use an html editing program and I wanted to set up a web site on a topic I was interested in. You see, ever since I was a little girl I was the one who had a larger than average  bag with her just in case. I added a few articles and they sat there and sat there. The idea was to sell an ebook or two, but they were not very popular topics.

Other things captured my attention like teaching ethics and philosophy in a college.  So they sat there and sat there. By 2010, I had set up some other web sites and decided to go back to the first ones I did years early and change them into the same format used for the later sites.

Much to my amazement some of them have been visited by people who had found links on other sites so I made sure they would be found at the same address. I also looked at the articles and realised that they were a little out of date. One mentioned light bulbs it was no longer possible to buy, oops. So I updated the articles and left them on the oldies but goodies page. Its strange but this web site has followed me around for years.

My life is immeasurably different than it was when I started it. I don’t have the big house that I can store things in but there again I don’t have all the downsides of that house. It is his house not mine and I have a new and better life in a new place. The world has changed as well. When I started this site it was not that difficult to get a job but it has become increasingly difficult. The economic climate is distinctly chillier and there are those who forecast that it will get even colder Yet in that time my desire to be prepared and to support others who want to be better prepared has not changed.

One of the things that I learned while researching the original Prepared Home materials was that being able to set up a business was a very useful way of being prepared for what ever the future held. Its an idea that goes way back. Just look at the Apostle Paul in Acts. He travelled around  the Mediterranean and supported himself by making and selling tents. I started trying to to put these ideas into practice by setting up Lily the Pink Education CIC. You will notice that there is a lsit of links to the other sites associated with Lily the Pink Education and most of them have their roots in what I learned while researching the materials for this site. Strange isn’t it.