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Susan in an oval shapeI am Susan and I set up the first Prepared Home web site in 2002. I wrote a few articles and they sat there and sat there. The idea was to sell an ebook or two. but the first two topics I chose did not prove to be very popular.  Other things captured my attention like teaching ethics and philosophy in a college.  So they sat there and sat there.

In 2010 I decided to update the site so that it used the same format as the sites that I had created in the previous year or so. I used some of the same materials. The old articles were listed as oldies but goodies.

In 1999 I gathered a stock of food that I hoped would last two people about three months just in case the world as we knew it came to an end. We know that this did not happen but it was good experience. Very little if any of that food was wasted because it was well organised. Yes it was challenging finding places to put it all but it was invaluable experience.

I know what it is like to put these principles into practise. Whether my choices would have sustained the household during stressful times cannot be proved. What can be said s that if the worst had happened then we would have been in a better situation than most people.

The things that I learnt were written up into a textbook that could be used for a course on food storage but I did go on to develop the course itself.  Since then technology has moved on and it is now possible to off the same material in an online format.

I started to do this but them prevaricated over putting the finishing touches to it. The rumours of possible problems ahead kept on getting stronger and stronger.  In the end they became so loud that I stopped putting off the day when I added the finishing touches to the course and finally spent a couple of hours making sure that everything was as it should be.

Of course it would be far better if we pulled together such a plan and did not have to depend on going to the shops every day or even every week. In fact I once saw a headline that said “9 meals from anarchy”. Article went on to explain that the food distribution system in the UK, and in a large part of the developed world is such that there is only 3 days supply in the shops and warehouses that supply the shops. If for some reason the food distribution system breaks down there is a risk of severe problems after just 3 days. That’s scary.

If you believe that your family should have a greater level of security than that it is up to you to do something about it. You have to take responsibility for making sure that your family is safe and protected if something goes wrong.  It could be that there is a blizzard and you are stranded at home for a few days or there is a temporary medical situation that makes it hard for you to get to the shops.

Another Or do you want to be ready in case hyperinflation makes life so difficult that you would rather not have to buy anything for a few months or even a year or two until the situation was brought under control.

should have a greater supply of food and other essential items available if something happens then it is up to you to take the responsibility of looking after you and your family. In other words,  you need to set up a food storage plan to help keep them safe in an emergency.

On the other hand following this system of thinking through your plan you will be able to keep the amount of food wasted to a minimum so helping everyone including yourself.