Would you be prepared for this?

Who would have thought that it would be necessary to be prepared in case of riots in the UK? Residents of many of the UK are counting the cost of riots and looting by people who are disenchanted with life. Yes we know that the spark was a man’s death. But according to those  who live in London there has been a change in atmosphere in recent months as people became more pressurized by the economic situation.  We are now on the third day where people have been rioting and looting in one part of London or another.

Looking at the TV pictures some shops lost their entire stock in minutes as they were looted. There were vehicles and buildings that were damaged.  Then there are reports that phones and social media have been used to share information about meetings points etc. Of course once such tactics have worked in one area the fear is others will copy them especially as there are reports that the courts and prison services cannot cope so they will not be punished.

I have only been in that kind of situation once and that was in a fight after the pubs closed one night. The fighters spread out across the road and the police were on hand to handle the situation. The biggest problem that I had was that to get home I would have to walk through the crowds. The answer to this was to take my fish supper to someone else’s house and wait until it was safe to go home.  Thankfully, there was little if no damage to cars or buildings in this incident and the relatively small number of people were soon dispersed.

Have you thought through your plans? Some people who have been expecting urban unrest of various kinds have decided to move out of city centres into quieter areas. The die hard survivalists often speak of moving into the countryside where they think it will be safer. There is also the issue of insurance to think about. Or how to cope with members of the household who may be tempted to join the unrest or others who are very frightened. If you are in the city do you have an evacuation plan.

P.S. Oops I thought I had posted this last week.