Are you ready?

Last week I was in St Andrews on the Scottish coast. Its a beautiful place if you ever have the chance to go there for a visit. The countryside is breathtaking and the town itself has a lot to offer as well. That was not why I was there, though I had gone to a conference. One of the things one of the speakers arranged for us to do as a fun exercise was an arty project that involved tying pieces of yarn onto a church gate. We were supposed to talk to people about their spiritual journey at the same time, well we were outside a church.

That does not sound like a problem but the leader had bought some yarn but had not thought about bringing any scissors. Typical Susan, I had a bag full of bits and pieces including my pencil case. In my pencil case was a pair of scissors. That was the equipment that we needed. My pencil case had another use. I wrapped some wool around it and then cut through the yarn on one side of the pencil case so that I had a number of strands of the same length. Why was that an obvious thing to do? It was one of those things that I learnt from making tassels for crochet items.  An unusual transferable skill if ever there was one.

OK maybe this is not the type of preparedness that immediately springs to mind. Yet when I was presented with an unusual situation I was prepared in terms of having the equipment needed. Not only that I had the experience of using a technique that was helpful. However it is an example of how it is easier to carry out a task if you have access to the right equipment and have experience of using it.

The question is what things do you need to be prepared for? Are you ready for any worsening of the financial situation? Are you ready for worsening weather conditions? Are you ready for too much rain (i.e. floods) or too little rain (i.e. drought)? Time you sat and thought a while and did a risk assessment.