WordPress 3.2 helps but…

I thought that it was easier to use Firefox with the new version of WordPress. It looked OK as the dark blocks did not spread over the area where I was trying to type. Problem was that the light coloured blocks still covered this area but it was harder to see them. A couple of times I tried going back and editing a post before saving a draft post only to lose the post as I hit a menu block I had not seen. Talk about frustrating. After three attempts to use Firefox I gave up and started using Google Chrome again.

What does this have to do with preparedness? The updated version of WordPress looked as though it would solve the problem that I had when zooming in. I then tried testing it and realised that there was a problem. One of the issues with preparedness is that you might think that you have a way of dealing with an issue but it is only when you test it that you can be sure that your idea works. Often it is only when something does not work that we realise that something needs to be done. 

Problem is often that is too late to do something. There are stories of people who put food aside to use in an emergency but when the emergency happens they find that the use by date on the tins is long past. They have a choice. Do they eat food that could do them harm or do they just not eat?  That is why one of the principles on our food storage planning course is rotation. 

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