One way Chrome is better than Firefox

I made a discovery today. I suspect that I need new glasses as it can be a strain to see the text on the screen and they are on my shopping list. It is just that there other things on this list as well. In the meantime I have been using the zoom or magnification features to make it easier to read the text. When I have used Firefox and enlarged the screen to type a post in WordPress part of the text box has been obscured by the column at the side. I could only enlarge it so far without it causing other problems.

Today I tried using Google Chrome and enlarged the screen but this time there were no problems with part of the text box becoming covered by the menu from the side. Brilliant all I have to do is hold the ctrl key down as I press + and the screen gets bigger. I now have the text box so big that it fits the screen. I have adjusted the scroll bar that appeared and now I can read what I am typing in more easily. Yes it is bigger than I need at the moment but why struggle with small text when you can have it so big that you can read it easily. It has helped me catch a few spelling mistakes I might have missed otherwise. If I want to make it smaller again all I have to do is press ctrl and – at the same time. If you have a computer running windows it should work on your computer as well. Try it and see. 

What does this have to do with being a Prepared Home? Being prepared is about being able to solve problems. It means knowing what to do when things are not going well. It means being prepared to cope in difficult circumstances. One of the old articles on the original Prepared Home web site was written while I was struggling with an injured arm and found that using the computer was one of the easiest challenges I deal with. It was a struggle using a pen, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry etc because I had to learn new ways of carrying out those tasks. However I already knew how to use a computer without a mouse and how to use the keys that make a computer more accessible. This meant that I did not have to learn another way to do what I wanted to do. I had already practised the techniques I needed in the new circumstances. 

That is just one example of how being prepared can be helpful. Now what sort of situation do you think that you could face in your own home that would be easier if had thought about how you could do the same thing in another way. Is your home in an area that one day might flood so you might need to evacuate in a hurry? If so have you thought about what you would want to take and how best to protect the things that you cannot take e.g. what will you move as far up away from the water as possible and how will you do it.  

What sort of situation could you face more easily if you learnt how to do things before you had to do them yourself?  One example of this was a college course for those who wanted to learn to cook before they went to university. I suspect that it would help anyone moving into a new home and who needed to feed themselves on a budget. 

The basis of the Surviving a Household Emergency course is to help you answer questions like that. A start has been made on updating it and the new version will be released before the end of 2011.