Are you prepared for a financial earthquake?

In recent months we have seen a number of earthquakes that have shaken Japan and New Zealand. There are even reports of yet another one in New Zealand today. I thought about earthquakes and preparedness in the UK and though don’t be silly girl there is no point thinking much about that because we don’t get earthquakes here.

We might not get earthquakes like those that have caused such severe problems for those who live in Japan or New Zealand but we still see the effects of earthquakes overseas. There was an occasion when an earthquake at the other side of the world led to a financial collapse in London.. You may remember the collapse of Barings Bank. The activities of at least one of their traders left them vulnerable and when an earthquake hit Japan it led to a series of events that included the collapse of a bank in London.

One of the things with earthquakes is that often it is possible to predict them. What sort of predictions are we hearing about financial matters? There are people who say that there are warning signs of a financial collapse ahead. They are predicting hyperinflation and even the possibility that the dollar will collapse and become worthless. Of course there are always people predicting gloom and doom but rarely have I heard so many voices from so many different sources predicting the same things. The collapse of the dollar would bring a financial earthquake to the UK. Oil and other raw materials are priced in dollars. Companies and banks trade in dollars. Some financial commentators are just waiting for the big one in terms of a currency collapse in the same way as some people are waiting for the big one in terms of an earthquake in California.

In terms of earthquakes people are looking forwards with strategies to help them survive. It is best to shelter at the base of strong walls because when a wall falls the base normally stays upright and the upper parts fall a little way away from the wall. It is also a good idea to stay way from books or other heavy items that could fall from high shelves. Another good idea is to keep 3 days supply of food and water on hand so that you can survive until the emergency services arrive. However, some times these sorts of tactics do not prevent serious problems.

If the financial world was shaken by the collapse of the dollar would you have any idea how you were going to survive? What about growing more of your own food? Some people say that buying gold and silver is a good idea just in case things go wrong, one reason why the price of gold and silver is going up and up and up. Others are preparing to survive food shortages, power cuts or even a shortage of every day items like cooking utensils. Just because you are many miles away there is no guarantee.that it will not cause you problems.