Get to know us better– What is the idea behind our logo?



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Ok it is a house that looks as though it is wrapped up in something that looks like a yellow scarf. But why a scarf? Well that story goes back to the early 1970s. Yes I am old enough to have been a child then.

I can clearly remember a television advert for an insurance company that ended with a cartoon. The cartoon showed a family who had a insurance policy. The insurance policy was seen as being a rolled up piece of paper. This piece of paper unrolled itself and then wrapped itself around the family. Once around the family it changed into something that looked more like a stone tower that could defend the family. The power of that advert was that that image has stuck in my mind for literally decades, problem is I cannot remember the insurance company’s name.

The Prepared Home logo is a house that is wrapped up to protect it from the things that are going on around it. After creating this logo I realised that there was another metaphor for being protected that I really liked. This one comes from the bible. There, in Psalm 91, it talks about people who are friendly terms with God being kept safe as if they were under the wings of a parent bird. I find this a very reassuring picture. To be kept safe like that takes a decision from both the juvenile bird and the adult bird. It may be a bit of a stretch but possibly that scarf might be also be seen like wings wrapped being around your home keeping it safe. Of course to take advantage of that arrangement you would have to be on friendly terms with God. (Here are some ideas to help you find out more about this friendship.)

What does this mean for you? How will you benefit from the materials developed under the banner of The Prepared Home? Would like to do things now that will add that kind of layer of protection to your home? If you are prepared if something does wrong you will recover from the problem more easily and not suffer as much in the process. Your household will become more resilient and better able to bounce back after problems arise. If you are really careful with your planning you will find yourself in the situation whereby you are able to deal with everyday situations more easily. You may be the ones who others turn to for help you know the parents who provide practical support for their children or the children who have become responsible for providing practical support for their parents. If you are better prepared to cope in an emergency then you will be better able to support them. It is time that you stopped to think about how you can be better prepared to protect your loved ones. Stop prevaricating and start preparing.