Why bother to develop a food storage plan?

  • Did you regret not having a store of food available when the snow came down and it was an effort to go out?
  • Have newspaper articles with headlines like “9 meals from anarchy” made you stop and think about how you would cope if the food distribution system broke down and the shops emptied quickly?
  • Have you heard people speak about their fears of an increasing food shortage and want to increase the amount of food you keep at home just in case?
  • Are you trying to be better prepared for the future?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need to seriously consider developing a food storage plan.  Why a food storage plan? One of the problems with food storage is that if it s not done right then it can do more harm than good. One reason why people are wary of storing food is because last time they tried doing so they ended up wasting a large part of it. Have you heard the saying “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail”? In other words if we do things in a haphazard way then we will not achieve what we want to achieve.

Waste not want not

One of the tragedies of modern consumerism is that some people grab more than they need because they are afraid that they will not have enough while others do not have even the basic necessities of life.  I remember my grandmother telling the story of a neighbour of hers who stored soap during a time of severe shortages in the 1940s. Forty years later I could still hear the annoyance in her voice at the waste when it was dug out of where it had been hidden. Her point was she had only made the shortage worse by gathering stuff and not using it. There is a balance between being greedy and taking care of ourselves in a responsible way. The best way of achieving this kind of balance is to stop and think the issues through carefully. That is what this course is designed to do.

What do we cover?

This course has been divided into 6 sections.

  1. Why and why not? – The idea here is to help use work out what the goals of our plan is going to be?
  2. Making choices – What are going to have on hand and why?
  3. Storage ideas – thoughts and suggestions about how to safely store food
  4. Planning to get it right – making sure all your ideas come together into a workable plan that you will be able to use from now on
  5. Other ideas – like becoming self-sufficient and  long term food storage
  6. Lists – suggestions drawn from a number of sources especially from the era of concern about the Millennium Bug when many people’s thoughts were focused on how they would survive if things did not work out.

A course like this that tries to discourage greed in one respect cannot demonstrate it in another. That is why the subscription fee has been set at the level it has. Charging £5 a time to subscribe to this web site so that you can access this material will make it very hard to become a millionaire. On the other hand it means that the investment of time and resources taken to create it will be respected and in time repaid.

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