A Prepared Home – why bother?

Having things just in case is second nature to me. I was the little girl with the big bag with everything that she might need. You cannot trust that others will have you or will  have what you will need so that you have to be prepared to help yourself.

The core issue in preparedness is who do we depend upon? Do we expect the government whether nation or local to come to our aid when an emergency arises? Do we expect our family, our community a charity a church or just someone to support us in our time of need? Or do we do everything we can to be self-sufficient and be able to survive whatever happens. People at either end of the spectrum of dependency and self-sufficiency wonder if how the attitudes of those at the other end are sound and reasonable.

Wherever you stand on this spectrum of opinion one thing is certain in the early stages of a problem developing you have to be able to take care of yourself. It take times to gather and deploy the resources needed to cope with an emergency. The emergency services are judged on their response times. They are prepared and equipped for a certain level and number of every day emergencies like road traffic accidents or house fires but larger scale emergencies stretch their resources. They then end up prioritizing their efforts. What if you are not high up in their list of priorities? You will have to cope somehow. In a large scale disaster it can take days it reach your area to assess the situation never mind do something to help you. What do you do until help reaches you?

This is why preparedness is important. If you could not buy food for a week would you have enough in your home to manage? If the power went off for half a day how would you cope? Household emergencies are not just caused by natural disasters like volcanoes (although they can cause problems with those trying to fly somewhere) earthquakes (although not having the parts your company needs because the factory that made them has been destroyed by one could mean you lose your job) or tornadoes or tsunamis. They are not just caused by terrorist attacks although these will affect some households. A household emergency can be caused by someone in it going missing or becoming ill or having an accident.

In the run up to the millennium being prepared was a bandwagon that many people jumped on. Many saw it as a money making opportunity. It all fizzled out like a damp squid in the end. But there are things on the horizon on both the  national and international stages that affect our lives. The global economic outlook for 2011 can hardly be described as rosy or promising for most people. Ok there are people who are well placed to take advantage of the situation but for most people it is not an easy time. There are fears of further problems ahead. The situation and the reasons to be prepared for difficult times change but there are always some good reasons to be prepared.

The idea of this blog is to share my journey to becoming more prepared for the things that could affect my home. you are welcome to join me on that journey.