What happens when things get squeezed too far?

Making the pounds meet the ends has become increasingly harder in the past year or two. Food prices have gone up. Flour for example is twice the price now than it was a year ago. Everything that is made of flour has gone up in price as well as a result. Fuel prices have gone

What should we do next?

We have set up a survey to help us decide what we should do next? We have had some ideas but would love some feedback on them. http://www.lilythepinkministries.com/WhatShouldWeDoNext

Money and emotions

What is it about money that stirs up so many emotional reactions? It stirs up greed, i.e. the fear that we do not have all we need or should have. It stirs up jealousy and envy i.e. the fear that they have more than us and the expectation that we should have more. It stirs