About me

I set up the first Pounds Meet the Ends web site in 2002. I added a few articles and they sat there and sat there. The idea was to sell an ebook or two. but she did not get round to writing them  because other things captured her attention like teaching ethics and philosophy in a college.  So the web site sat there not doing very much. There was a yahoo email list associated with it for a while but that never really took off either. L

Life went on. For a while it became very difficult as my marriage foundered and sank without trace. Seamen talk of ships foundering without trace with all hands on board i.e. they disappear and no one survives. Ouch! Well my marriage might have foundered but I bobbed up from beneath the waves and survived. To keep the metaphor going I had to learn to swim pretty quick. One of the things that survived with me was this web site and its sister web site that I started at about the same time i.e. The Prepared Home.

By 2010 I had set up Lily the Pink Ministries CIC (now called Lily the Pink Education CIC) and had created some other web sites. I then decided to go back to the first ones I did years earlier and change them into the same format used for the later sites.  I decided to update them and their contents.

One of the problems with updating this web site was that my attitude towards money had changed over the years. In fact that is one reason why I kept this site. I looked at the old header that said Making the Pounds Meet the Ends and realised that it no longer made it sense. I wanted to keep the domain name so I brainstormed a number of headlines that could go with the domain name. I rejected things like Pounds should meet the ends and Pounds could meet the ends and settled on Pounds CAN Meet the Ends.

I had finally realised that the old site reflected the way I was using money as a punishment. It was not working because it was not coming from a healthy place in terms of my attitude. I thought I had to punish myself by having very little money. I was not good enough to have what I wanted. I had to find out more and more about how to save money. Spending wasting even a penny was wrong. In fact if one penny could do the work of two so much the better. There was nothing wrong with him spending money on things that were unhelpful or even harmful. I had to stay on short rations so that he could have all he wanted even if what he wanted caused problems.

There is more to our relationship of money than many of us believe.