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We all like to have something for nothing don’t we. Even better when it is something that we can use to improve our lives in some way. We think that you will find our short ebook an interesting and useful read. We would not be offering it to you if we didn’t. All we ask in return is that you complete the form below with your name and email address.

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From now on you will now receive an email every time there is a post made on the The Prepared Home blog. Don’t panic though we rarely post more than once a week.and some weeks there are no posts at all. If you want to comment on these posts you can go to the blog  write a comment for us to read. You are also welcome to join the conversation.

Most our our blog posts are intended to make you think rather than to make you buy from us. Of course no business survives without making sales so there will be one or two posts to encourage you to buy something. However, Lily the Pink Ministries is a Community Interest Company (company number (0610728) therefore our profits are used to benefit the community rather than those who have invested in the business. It is regulated by Companies House (England and Wales) and the information that they gather is a matter of public record. The online home for Lily the Pink Ministries is

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