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My name is Susan. A few years ago I had this crazy idea that I should be helping people in mental distress who wanted to rebuild their lives after things had gone wrong. It made sense as I had been through something like this in my own life. The long story about this can be found here.

I set up Lily the Pink Education CIC to help me do this. Have a look around and see if you resonate with what I am doing. I would love you to sign up for the blog posts using the form on the right. That way whenever there is something new you will automatically receive a copy.

You can pick up a few more details about me if visit one of the other sites. The about pages do have slightly different names like About the author or About Susan or More about the author but it is not just the names that are different the text is as well. Yikes that means I must have written at least 13 other about me pages, one is normally enough for most people. No wonder I have run out of steam with this one.