At last food storage course has been released

Last Friday night I was watching the TV when and I heard someone predict that over the next two years there would be increasing food shortages even in the UK. It was even suggested that we would be approaching a famine situation. My ears pricked up and I wondered what on earth we should expect next.

I had started to prepare this course but I needed to put some finishing touches to it. Hearing that TV programme made me realise that it was essential to make this material available as quickly as possible. I spent Saturday making sure that it was all set up properly and released the course. At least that way if things do wrong in the future I will have done what I can to help people prepare for the future.

It is available here.

If you think it will cost you a fortune then you will be pleasantly surprised. The price has been set as a ridiculously low £5. In fact most people will find that they will be able to save more money by taking the advice on this site than the cost of getting access to it.