My challenge

One of the biggest struggles I have had has been the fear or rather expectation of rejection. What on earth you might say is this to do with money? Think about it. If you are trying to sell something while struggling with the expectation people will reject you then you will not be able to build a good enough relationship with anyone to be able to sell anything.

I heard someone explain what they called the belief expectation cycle. Basically if you believe that xyz will happen then you will behave as though it will. If you behave as though it will happen then it will happen. When it does happen it will reinforce your belief that xyz always happens to you so the cycle goes round again and again and again. It is not as if you realise what you are doing it just sort of happens. For some of us this is such an ingrained pattern of behaviour that it is normal and natural to us.

Ok we know the theory but how do we break out of it and create new behaviour patterns. Part of the answer is retraining. Not easy when the consequences of getting so embroiled in such a cycle has led to a lifetime of experiencing bad behaviour on the part of others. It does not matter whether it is bullying at school, mental health problems of those around you, or just being treated differently in the work environment. It all adds to the cycle of believing the wrong thing and it being reinforced. 

It is like an invisible barrier stopping you from making progress. You struggle to use the right words to persuade people to buy from you so you do not sell anything. You have a good product and somehow manage to have a sales page that could sell but you struggle to believe that if you use an advert to draw attention to it that anyone will go to the sales page. Why bother having a decent Facebook page because no one will like it or if they do they will not be the sort of people you could sell that product to. You cannot believe that anyone else will help you promote your product as an affiliate so you don't try very hard to persuade anyone to do so.

See the importance of good foundations. See why handling money well comes under the umbrella of Lily the Pink Ministries CIC. One of the community benefit statements is to help those in mental distress. Trying to say which came first the mental distress or financial issues is no easier than trying to work out whether the chicken or egg came first. The classic answer is of course that they were both created at the same time so it is impossible to determine which was first. 

If you have read our free eBook 12 stages to changing the world you will know that the first step is to recognise the problem and accept that you are responsible to do something to change the situation. I suppose that is why this is confession time. Like those who go to AA and stand up and say I am ____ and I am an alcoholic when they introduce themselves. Yes I know it will become easier the more soul wounds are healed by forgiveness but that in itself is a process. There you have it my confession about my challenge.

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