Trusting yourself to spend

We all struggle with our finances in some way or other as somehow most of us find ourselves held captive by the decisions we have made. Somehow whatever we do the past seems to catch up on us. If we have spent £1 on one thing then we cannot spend it on something else. They used to say if you looked after the pennies the pounds will look after themselves. What this old proverb is trying to say is that the only way to use money to achieve all that we want to achieve is to make sure every single penny is used wisely. 

I don't know about you but I must admit I really struggle with this. Often if I have money in my pocket, or even money in the bank that I can spend, I spend it. The only way I have found to stop myself is to put it out of reach by paying off debts or setting it aside in a savings account. It is so tempting to go ahead and buy something that you do not really need. Of course it does hit home eventually that you don't need it and then you regret it but by then it is usually too late to do anything about it. 

Last week I was driving past one shop and a small still voice said "if you go in that shop you will find something that will solve a problem". I looked around for a while wondering what it could be but then I found a large garden shovel. Someone said they were buying one because the plastic snow shovels that they had bought previously had not lasted very long. I did not even have one of them. Last winter trying to clear a way for my car to reach the road was so hard that I gave up some days . I had a small short handled coal shovel and a long handled spade which helped but they were not the the right tools for the job. A new long handled metal shovel should make it a lot easier if the same thing happens again. 

Notice the date yes it is the middle of summer. In fact today there are a number of red-skinned people wandering around who have forgotten the sun block when they have been out earlier this week. Here am I trying hard to put money aside for my big summer treat. Last year I had problems because I did not have enough money on hand to buy all the extras I wanted hence I am making a determined effort not to get into that kind of muddle again. It seems stupid spending money on something like that at this time but when else could I find one for such a good price. Yes it should last me a few years and I will be thankful for it in due course and it was a short term special offer. But now was not the time I had planned to spend money on something like that. 

Yes it does seem like madness but I have to learn to trust that small still voice and act on it. That is the difficult bit. Learning to listen and follow its leading is not easy but it is a process. The more I practise the easier it is becoming. When I stop to think about the situation last winter I did say Lord I would like some better tools for this job therefore that shovel was an answer to prayer. Despite it being the kind provision of a loving heavenly Father it was hard trusting myself that my that shovel as the right thing. 

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