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Have you ever heard someone complaining that they could not make ends meet? That was the original idea behind the logo and the old name of the web site i.e. Making the Pounds Meet the Ends.

The original Making the Pounds Meet the Ends course looked at how to increase income and decrease your spending so that you could make ends meet. When I was looking at updating this material to create a new membership site I had a download of inspiration. I suddenly realised that using the image of a bridge would be really useful. A simple bridge can be made up of two pillars with a walkway or road in-between them. Hold on a minute could a good personal financial plan involve building two pillars i.e. one by increasing income and one by controlling expenditure and then adding a span in-between them by developing a spending plan (or if you really must use that dreadful word, a budget).

The amazing thing about Pounds CAN Meet the Ends is that it started as a web site with a very different flavour and yet the logo and domain name are still appropriate. It was a way of expressing my need to minimise expenditure because I did not respect myself enough to allow myself to spend enough to be comfortable. One look at the original keywords would tell you that. These included “UK reduce cost of living” “domestic economy” “reduce expenditure” “frugal lifestyle” and “saving money” No mention at all of any way of improving the situation by increasing income as any thoughts about doing that were just not on my radar at that time. When it was revitalised into a blog I realised how much my attitude had changed. This is what led to the change in the title from Making the Pounds Meet the Ends to something more much positive i.e. Pounds CAN Meet the Ends.

 Look at that logo again. It has the two pillars i.e. money coming in and money going out. Yes the pounds are turned different ways but I cannot make my mind up which should represent income and which expenditure. Maybe one day I will set up a poll for you to decide that one. It also has the text like a span. That logo was designed for the original web site that floundered somewhat aimlessly. Once that concept of a bridge came to me I looked at the original logo and I could see that it would take very little adjusting to make it look alike a bridge. It had been designed so that the text in the middle took up all the space so it was moved so that it moved up a bit.

Would you like to develop a healthy relationship with money. Not punishing yourself and squeezing your spending until the pips squeak but maintaining a reasonable level of control. Looking for ethical and creative means of increasing your income rather than accepting that you can never make any improvements. Come and join me on my journey.

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